Getting to know Jillmary and Jillspaperco ♡

If you love all things DIY, art, calligraphy, flowers, glitter, etc- You'll love Jillmary and her story about creating her company JillsPaerco!

Jillmary is a full time undergrad student pursing the medical field and also owner of JillsPaperCo! She has a passion for art and all things DIY. Although her overall goal is to get into the medical field, she loves creating pieces on the side.  Her calligraphy is an outlet for her to forget about school and all other everyday stresses.  She loves seeing her ideas come to life as well as helping other people's ideas come to life as well. Jillmary is one of my favorite followers on Instragram because she is super talented at creating masterpieces. Me, being a lover of calligraphy, glitter, and flowers- I always find myself enlightened with her work. The fact that she creates them herself, makes it even better. From woman to woman, she is slaying in the DIY department and I am all about it! And to be completely honest, she really got me interested in painting and creating nice little pieces for my apartment. Although I am no where near good as she is, it's nice to pick up some tips and tricks from her work. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing the queen herself, and let me just say- I was also very enlightened by her vibrant personality. To sum it up, her personality definitely shows within her work. So if you would like to know more about Jillmary and how she started JillsPaperCo, please feel free to continue reading. If you don't, sadly - you're missing out ;)

1. When did your passion for painting, calligraphy, art, and DIY begin?

         I have always been really into "DIY'ing" and art in general.  I began painting in high school and it has always been an on again off again hobby of mine.  My passion for calligraphy stemmed from wanting to add more to my art instead of just pictures. Adding calligraphy to different projects for me was/is my way of adding a special touch to the piece. After that, I started focusing on learning different styles and I am always ready to learn new techniques.

2. How did you learn to do calligraphy? Self taught? Class? Stencils? 

         I am a self taught Calligrapher!  What helped me the most was just watching videos and analyzing the  different techniques other calligraphers used and creating my own techniques.

3. What are your goals for JillsPaperCo? Meaning, how far do you want to take JillsPaperCo?

         My ultimate goal for JillsPaperCo is to take it full time! I would love to become a full time calligrapher specializing in wedding stationary and event stationary.  My love for DIY and event planning would be fulfilled along side making custom creations for others to call their own.  I would love to spread my experience and host master classes for others to learn and make it their own.  

4. How does JillsPaperCo differ from other art businesses? What makes JillsPaperCo unique? 

         It is very hard to differentiate my brand from so many other amazing calligraphers out there, but what I feel makes jillspaperco so special is that it isn't solely just calligraphy and hand lettering, its a whole bunch of different art styles incorporated into different projects. My works includes a variety of different mediums ranging from water color on paper, to digital prints, lettering with inks and different mediums and even card making.  JillsPaperCo has a goal of taking an idea and inspiration and turning it into a tangible object whether it be for someone else or for pure enjoyment of making art!

5. How do you come up with ideas for new pieces? Example: Traveling? Pictures? Insta? Quotes? 

         My inspo comes from a lot of different places, whether it be a new cosmetic item I've been loving (since im a beauty junkie also), different brands I adore, browsing on pinterest, insta vids,  and just anything that catches my eye in general.

6. What are your favorite tools when creating new pieces and why are they your favorite? 

         I absolutely love using a basic dip pen and ink! There is just something so satisfying from taking it to the basics, nothing fancy, just some ink and a nice nib. The elegance of calligraphy is so inspiring for me, a simple quote on card stock written in calligraphy is just so appealing to the eye and still manages to look extremely elegant.

7. Fun question: if you had to choose an art tool that represents you, what would it be? 

         Definitely a water brush!  Water brushes can be used for so many different things besides water coloring, you can dip them into more pigmented inks, use to blend out distress inks or water markers, used to create a painting or even letter with them .  Just like JillsPaperCo, water brushes are full of variety!

8. What advice would you give someone who enjoys art but isn't good at it? 

      Practice makes perfect!  A common misconception with calligraphy and lettering is that you must have great handwriting to begin with, that's far form the truth!  Calligraphy and hand lettering is more of an art, there is technique involved, nothing to do with handwriting, you can make it as original as you want.  Do not give up on something you enjoy doing, even if it means watching video after video and practicing for hours.  Art is all about having fun and seeing your ideas become something more than just an idea.  Just don't give up.

9. Where do you see JillsPaperCo in 10 years? 

         I would love to see jillspaperco hosting workshops and empowering more women to take on challenges as entrepreneurs, #Girlboss ;)  As well as continuing to create beautiful custom pieces for people.   

10. Fun question: If you had to choose between glitter and your favorite color- which would you choose and why?   

         What about glitter in my favorite color ? ;) As much as I LOVE glitter, I would chose my favorite color!  I can use a variety of different mediums while using my favorite color, while just using glitter could be a bit limiting!  


I had an absolute blast getting to know all about Jillmary. I love her ambition to keep doing something she loves on top of accomplishing her goal to get into the medical field. Talk about girl power!

If you would like to follow Jillmary's journey with JillsPaperCo, follow her on Instagram @jillspaperco  ♡  

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