Self love you say?

Happy Saturday!  

I recorded this vlog yesterday, so happy belated Friday? LOL! 

Anywho, I made this vlog because Self love is something I am very passionate about. It truly is a life long journey, but it has to start somewhere- right?!

We've all been in shitty situations, and we always try to put the blame one someone else. Truth of the matter is- we should only be blaming ourselves. I know it sucks to hear that, but it's the truth. 

I believe the situations we get ourselves into, whether it be good or bad, derives from the amount of self love we have. 

When you don't love yourself enough, you don't know what you do and don't deserve. You take life as it is and just go with the flow. This causes us to get into "shitty situations" because we don't love ourselves enough to know we deserve better. We fill this void with bad relationships, friendships, or what we may consider "shitty situations." 

It sucks. It really does! But- there comes a time where you just have to realize that you deserve the best of the best and in order to receive the best of the best- it starts with you! 

Always remember to love yourself before you try to love anyone else because you are in control of your happiness. And when you're happy, you avoid "shitty situations." ;-)