Shea Moisture product review!

Hello beauties!

 I've been trying to get some down time to blog a little but with a busy work week, by the time the weekend comes- ya girl is exhausted! 

So for the past 6 months I've been on this journey to strengthen my hair and get my natural curls back. Due to all the flat ironing I did to it, it almost felt impossible. 

I would always use tons of mouse, hairspray, and gel just to get it to stay decent looking when it was wet and I guess semi-curly.

Now if you know or have read about hair products that damage your hair, you would know neither of those products would make my curls come back. It just made the damage worse.

So back in April I cut my hair neck length, long bob kind of style, and vowed to not straighten my hair for 3 months. And surprisingly- I did not go against my vow.

During those 3 months I started using Shea Moisture products. I had read tons of reviews and watched tons of youtube videos on feedback and outcomes and I thought I'd give it a try.

From the conditioner all the way to the curling gel souffle- I've used it all!

And I honestly have had nothing but great outcomes. 

My hair has grown so much, I'd say about 2 inches or so and I can visibly see the difference in the new growth and the damaged hair.

Sadly, I'll have to cut it again soon. I'm just not ready yet!

I've also started using the Radiance facial mask but i'll be doing a review on that in another post!

Here are the pics of the growth of my hair when it's wet and semi-curly. The left is a couple of months ago. And the right was just taken this month! So much growth and you can see where the damaged hair is and the new growth!


Now here are the pics of when I straightened my hair after wearing it curly for 6 months! The growth is insane. The left is when I cut it, and the right is now. 



As you can see, there is a huge difference. I will admit, it is a process but the outcome is so worth it. I now try not to straighten my hair so often. Being that i'm now in colder weather, it's hard but I try my hardest not to give in! Haha!