Why Seattle?!

Hello to all!

It has been quite some time since I’ve last been able to blog. So much has happened in such little time! As most of you may know, I am officially a Seattle resident. And for those of you who didn’t know- yes, I decided to move across country. Crazy, right?

From the day Stepfon and I decided we were going to move to Seattle, I have gotten the same question- why Seattle? And I finally got my hands on my laptop to be able to explain as to why we did not choose Seattle, Seattle chose us.

We had never been to Seattle- EVER. Stepfon and I had never visited or even vacationed here. Honestly, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We just knew that my parents had visited and loved it and they were going to be moving here come the beginning of August.

Now we didn’t just decide in a day whether or not we actually wanted to move across country. It took endless days and nights of talking, budgeting, and just praying.

Stepfon and I have both lived in Florida since we were very young. Stepfon had luckily been able to travel outside of Florida, I had not. Besides when I moved from Michigan to Florida. LOL. Since then, I’ve always been a Floridian.

It wasn’t until the day I was searching online for apartments in Seattle, and I came across what seemed to be the most perfect one for us. I fell in love right away. So, I told stepfon let’s put in the application and if we get approved then we are moving. If we don’t, for whatever reason- idk how things work here in Washington, then we don’t go. Did I mention, I was at work doing all of this? LOL. As I’m sitting there filing out the application about to submit it, I say a little prayer. I just ask God for guidance and reassurance. I just wanted to know if we were doing the right thing. I told God look, if it’s meant for us to go to Seattle, show me please. And a few minutes later, I get a call from the leasing office and she sounds a bit discouraging and I’m like aw man! And she goes on to say well you guys got approved for the apartment! And I literally teared up a bit. I don’t think I had ever been so excited and so blessed. I got a bit choked up. I sat there like wow, we are really moving across country. I was in absolute awe.

When I got home from work that day, I immediately wanted to start packing. I mean, dude, we were moving across country! LOL. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to travel. And it just felt like my dreams were slowly coming true.

In the coming days, we were getting everything together for the big move. We had about 3 weeks to pack and sell everything in our apartment. And we did just that.

It was not easy. Let me tell you… there were days I felt crazy because one minute I was crying from being so stressed out about packing to being super happy to move. My emotions were so out of wack. I constantly had to remind myself that this is a blessing and with blessings come trials and tribulations. I just needed to enjoy the process of it all rather than stress on the little things.

In the process of packing and resigning from our jobs, we constantly got asked why we are choosing to move across country. And our answer was as simple as this: as stated before we did not choose Seattle, Seattle chose us. Stepfon and I are still young. We don’t have kids, and I don’t mean any sort of disrespect to the young mothers out there! Do ya’ thang! But we were/are at a place in our lives where we were both ready for change. We don’t want kids right now, we just want to enjoy our lives together. Also, little do many of you know, when Stepfon and I got our first apartment together, we let my brother move in with us a week later. And I love my brother to death, but its hard having your younger sibling live with you and your significant other. Especially being that it was our first time living together, and we were newly engaged. So we never got the experience of living on our own- just us two. So we were excited for that. We had also been saving up and we didn’t really know exactly what we were saving up for so we just decided to use our savings to move.

Along the way, we got to do something we’ve always wanted to do. Which was to travel. We went through all kinds of different states, and got to see all different kinds of sceneries. It was awesome.
We were both so happy to even see just the huge hills and mountains.

All in all, it was not easy. But it was so worth all the tears, stress, and sleepless nights.

For anyone who is contemplating on moving to a different state or even across country, I urge you to just do it.

Before my grandma passed away, she always told my siblings and I to live our life to the absolute fullest. Do everything you want to do and do not let anyone get in your way.

And we did just that.

Moving across country was the best decision we’ve ever made.

Seattle is the most beautiful place to live.

God is love and we are truly blessed.

When your life feels like a never-ending vacation; you know you’re right where you’re supposed to be.