That new job blues...

When we were all little kids, all we wanted to do was grow up. Didn't we? We thought that when you became an adult things just got so much easier, right? Well..Weren't we all wrong now. LOL.

Growing up, unfortunately, isn't all it's cooped to be. When you decide you want to be grown, you gotta' do grown things. Like get a real job, and make some real money.

Now let me tell you, it was not easy! Applying for jobs when you have no experience, is almost impossible here in America. But, luckily for me, Hollister took me in, and taught me everything I know about customer service. It wasn't the best first job, but at that time, I didn't have many bills besides my phone bill (thanks mom,Ii appreciate ya')- so it was cutting it. After Hollister, I went on and worked for the Aldo company. if you know me, you know I love anything with shoes and fashion. So working for the Aldo company had it's perks. It also taught me everything about Sales. After Aldo, I went on to Claire's- but that didn't last long. So lets carry on...

On to Monkey Joe's...My lord Monkey Joes was probably the most worst best job I've ever worked at. It was a love/hate kind of job. Like, you love the people, hate the company and its unfair ways. Yeah, that kind. I obtained my managerial experience from Monkey Joe's, and that is all I am thankful for.

After MJ's, I went on and moved here to Tampa. And that's when I really had to grow up. My now Fiance and I moved into our first apartment together. So I had to make some real money, you know? So I started Massage Envy as a receptionist.

Massage Envy taught me everything I needed to know about selling memberships, and creating a personal bond with people when it comes to customer service. I grew to love the people I worked with like family. But after a while, I realized it was time to get a Big Girl job.

Now those of you in your Twenty-somethings know what I mean. I wanted a job that made me feel like a real Adult. You know? A job that actually made me tired at the end of the day. LOL.

So, I went on and got that big girl job making big girl money. And in the process of leaving Massage Envy, It had hit me. I had worked with those people for a good minute, and it sucked to have to leave them and start all over. I was scared shitless. I sat there like WTF did I just do?! I really had to put my big girl pants on now. (you know, those gray or black business pants, LOL)

When my first day came, I was just a mess. I was so nervous. Not to mention,  I was late. And I just sat their questioning myself if I was ready, did I want to meet new people again?! I was afraid the people wouldn't like me. I was scared to say or do anything wrong. Just, like I said, scared s h i t l e s s.

After a quick meltdown on my 1 hour break (yea, when you have a big girl job you get those! LOL) , I had to call my mom and get some advice. And it was then that it had hit me that I had become so complacent with where I was at with my job at Massage Envy, that it made me scared to leave and venture off to new opportunities.

I had gotten so use to the people I was working with, my schedule, being considered a senior there. I was just scared for a new beginning. 

After a couple of days at my new job, I had grown to love it. I've learned that it's not so bad starting over. New beginnings just mean new friends, and new opportunities. 

Moral of the story, 

Growing up, as stated before, is not all it's cooped up to be- but it's not bad either. Over time, you get to know yourself so much better. You learn to not accept anything less than what you deserve. And you learn not to become complacent with where you are in life. You deserve more, so go ahead and shoot for more.