How I grew to love anything that has to do with BROWS!

Every time someone asks me "What do you want to do career wise?" I always say "Brows!" And they look at me like I have four heads. And I nod and say, "Yes, just brows." And then of course they go ahead and nod and say "Oh, so cosmetology?" My response: "No, just brows." And once again, I get the four heads look. And they proceed to ask me "Why just brows?" I always respond "Long story."

So, for those of you who have asked me "Why brows?" Here is the "Long story."

Back in middle school, I had the most bushiest brows. Now when I say bushy, I mean VERY bushy brows. And at the time, I was way too young to get my eyebrows waxed every other weekend. So I had to just stick with the bushy brows GOD blessed me with. Now, back then, I would constantly get made fun of my eyebrows because I had a uni-brow, on top of having bushy brows. 

So, like any other girl with horrendous brows like mine, I went ahead and started experimenting the razors, and the tweezers.

One day, I just got tired of being made fun of, so when  I got home, I literally just shaved and tweezed off my eyebrows. Now, I didn't shave/tweeze them off completely.

Honestly, I don't really know exactly what kind of brow I was going for. LOL

I had no idea what the hell I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted the caterpillars to be gone! 

I did what ever I could to make sure I did not have bushy brows anymore, and most importantly I just wanted to not get made fun of for them anymore.

So, here I share with you the results of being an insecure middle-school girl.....

As you can see, I had no idea what the hell kind of brow I was going for. LOL

I went all throughout middle school and most of high school with these babies. And when I tell you, I wish I I just didn't given a shit about what people thought of me, I really wish I was not so insecure about my brows back then.

It did not make the comments and insecurity any better. It only made it much worse.

It was when I got to junior year that I realized I just needed to let them grow back out. I realized that would be the only way I would feel confident. Confident enough to not give a shit about what anyone thinks of me. 

 Let me tell you-  it was not easy. 

I had to learn the ins & outs of brows. From the shape, all the way to filling it in so you aren't urged yo pluck them. I watched numerous youtube videos. Tried all sorts of products. But the only thing that really worked, was just having patience. Giving it time for them to grow back out. 

So, by the end of my senior year, I had semi-decent brows. They hadn't grown back fully.  

They were slowly growing back. It was really hard to not pluck or shave them off again. Cause' when I tell you, sometimes I wanted to be like fuck this shit, and just shave them off again. LOL. But I just realized I was slowly gaining some self confidence, and that's what kept me motivated. Plus, I was about to start college and ya' girl was not about to look rough with no eyebrows. LOL

So, in college, I gained a nice little arch. I liked my brows, but I knew I wanted them just to be a little more full.

I filled them in a little just so I could create a nice looking brow that didn't look like I was trying to grow them out. I would pluck only where it was necessary and got them waxed when I was too lazy to pluck, but just a clean up.

Till this day,  I have grown to really love my brows. It's been a long journey, as you have read, but I am so much more confident! Check them out :)

So, at the end of the day, there is one lesson to be learned here: DO NOT SHAVE YOUR BROWS OFF! LOL. You will regret it. And, it's a bitch to get them back.

Although the journey was very hard, that is how I grew to love anything that has to do with brows. I've learned how to thread, shape, arch, and fill in all kinds of brows. I've had the opportunity to work on others brows as well. And it's just become something I love to do. :)